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Pre Primary School

The formative years are most crucial in a child’s life. It is during this spam of time that they begin to explore the world around them and build their own perceptions of it. At this stage, a collaborative caretaking on the part of teachers and parents assumes the utmost importance. Their linguistic inputs and traits of general conduct become handly ompressions for the kids to imbibe. The specific objective of Pre- Primary is to provide all necessary care and education to young children for their development through cognitive, linguistic, physical, social & emotional growth. This objective is met in a nourishing and lively environment.

Upgraded infrastructure to facilitate the young learners.

Unique amalgamation of Montessori Bloom’s taxonomy and Howard Gardner system of learning.

Ultra modern AC Thematic classrooms.

Cosy corners for day naps.

Motherly care for personal hygiene and table manners.

Hands on learning through participation in activities.