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Facilities @ Aneja Kiddos School

Smart Classes

Smart education help our student to be smart as per the new level of understanding .Smart class are very much equip with the latest content etc.

AC Rooms

Each class equip with Air conditioner to provide a healthy environment so that a child focus on learning . Our motive is quite clear no hindrance in the learning process.

Celebration with Grace

At our school we celebrate each festival with innovative methods ,To add grace in the joy of celebration . Our lovely kiddos learn about the tradition ,culture & explore various way to celebrate.

Visits & Tours

There are various visit as per class level or on Monthly basis which help our kiddos to explore & experience.

Regular Yoga Classes

In the morning assembly our lovely kiddos perform various Aaasan for better health , flexiblity & meditation which boast up their focus .All these things help them improve their immunity too.

Theme-Based Learning

Theme-Based Learning is a Natural for Science Instruction
As a structure for integrating content areas, learning around a theme makes sense to children. It helps them make connections, to transfer knowledge and apply it. It fosters comparison, categorizing and pattern finding – building blocks of the scientific method.