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Vision & Mission

Aneja Kiddos School Vision

At every step we learn a new lesson that fills our life with an unparalleled vision and introduces us to new possibilities. With a mission to groom children to be responsible, sensitive and aware of the school, since its inception, has been making undying efforts. We believe that education is an embodiment of the philosophy of yielding life, a vision to be realized and a quest for knowledge, happiness and adventure to know the unknown.

Aneja Kiddos has become synonymous with the Realisation of Big Dreams’. We, as a team of enthusiastic educators, sincerely believe that dreams will get even bigger in the future. We are committed to contribute towards creating a more stable yet happening world for all.


AKS does understand its owns to transform the nascent into the enlightened who can be of an efficient service to the nation and the community at large. In the present times of regional and communal upheavals, it is essential that children at an impressionable age at the same time, learn to transcend all unnatural barriers for a peaceful existence. The school takes due care while weaving the fabrics of scholastic and Co- scholastic activities so as to create an ambience where in pupils not only appreciate such subtitles but also practice them in real life situations.